Favorite Food

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Favorite Food

Post by ashitaka » Fri 02.10.2006 7:39 pm

Well, what is your favorite food.
I like Tofu and tofu stirfry. and of course Natto (moldy beans, whats not to like)
So, post your favorite foods.

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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Txkun » Fri 02.10.2006 8:06 pm

grilled eel and rice (unaju)
sushi / sashimi
... (and I bet there is a lot more I didn't eat yet and some I don't know the name!)

You like Nattou? Do you have any good recipe?
I like it but I eat it always with green onion, rice and raw egg...

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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Christian_ » Fri 02.10.2006 9:34 pm

Ived liked all the japanese food ive ever tryed, its all so good..my favorite is probably shrimp tempura. That reminds me...stay away from wasabi, I was bet 1$ to eat a huge piece at school today...that didn't feel to good.:(

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RE: Favorite Food

Post by shikamarufoo » Fri 02.10.2006 10:25 pm

I love teriyaki chicken, the thigh peices with the skin attached instead of the small chicken pieces without skin. It's probably only the one I've ever tasted as well:D.

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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Shibakoen » Fri 02.10.2006 10:32 pm

What's the difference between this and the "favorite food" thread in the "General Discussion" board? I guess I just don't see how an "Off Topic" board is any different from "General Discussion". Anyway, as many probably already know, my favorite food is raw horse, aka "basashi/馬刺し" or "sakuraniku/桜肉". There was actually a full-page ad in today's New York Times calling for Congress to put an end to the slaughter of horses. It made me think about the whole whaling issue, too, and I tried to think of why any of this is any different than slaughtering cows, pigs, and chicken or hunting stuff like deer and ducks and geese...

Well, I think I just figured out how an "Off Topic" thread may be different from a "General Discussion" thread...:D

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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Infidel » Sat 02.11.2006 2:22 am

re: whaling. The main difference is whales aren't farmed like cows, pigs, etc. If we cordoned off a section of the ocean specifically for farming whales, and keeping them from escaping. Then there really wouldn't be a whale issue. Now it is ok to eat buffalo because we farm them. The reason they nearly went extinct was because at the time people were just using them for target practice during boring train rides.


Oh, and I think my favorite food would be the Dragon roll at my local Sushiya.

"Of course" Natto? *boggle*

I haven't tried Natto yet, and I'm perfectly willing to try it, but I have never once liked one food or drink that is considered an "acquired taste" I don't like liver and eating lots of it doesn't make it start tasting better. I don't like beer, and drinking lots of it doesn't make it taste any better. Etc. What most people don't realize is milk is also an acquired taste, they just acquire the taste before they remember, but I can't stomach that stuff either.
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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Zeo » Sat 02.11.2006 6:01 am

What's the difference between this and the "favorite food" thread in the "General Discussion" board?
As far as i remember that thread was about japanese food. And not as an example norwegian food. ;)

My favourite food, well i could tell you. But only 0.1 % of the users on this forum would know what it was. :p My favourite food is something called "Pinnekjøtt" (Norwegian, yes) It is from the sheep. ;)
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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Daisuke » Sat 02.11.2006 12:19 pm

[quote]Zeo wrote:

Yay! :D

My favorite food is Frikadeller.. Danish dish. :D

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RE: Favorite Food

Post by ashitaka » Sat 02.11.2006 4:40 pm

Frikadeller..... i forgot what that is....is it sheep?

mac and cheese is good......
so is double chocolate fudge brownie, double layerd cake with chocolate iceing and chocolate sprinkles with chocolate shaveings and chocolate chips on top, with chocolate decorative iceing as well.........mmmmmmm chocolate

EDIT2: when i was in denmark i only ate a bean burrito, and some M&M's i brought with me, next time im in Germany i might fly into Denmark, Do you recomend any food, or towns/cities to go to?
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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Jim » Sat 02.18.2006 3:14 pm

Takeaway kebabs, or steak are my favorite foods, but I rarely eat kebabs and I'm more of a healthy eater.;)
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RE: Favorite Food

Post by Cobra » Fri 08.11.2006 9:48 am

any kind of sushi for me. ^^
i love it B)
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RE: Favorite Food

Post by tanuki » Fri 08.11.2006 10:00 am

I love pasta and seafood! And pasta+seafood is just heaven ;).

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RE: Favorite Food

Post by LeGasp » Fri 08.11.2006 10:00 am

I love udon, and misou soup? Its with seaweed, and these white cube things I forgot how to spell it but it tasted great! Everyone else who had it hated it. Some other of my fav foods are greek salads, ministrone soup.
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RE: Favorite Food

Post by matnapp » Fri 08.18.2006 5:41 pm

I like ramen, pizza, chicken, beef, pork, and pie!! Oh and すし I love すし!
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RE: Favorite Food

Post by kyashi » Fri 08.18.2006 6:22 pm

yummm this thread is making me hungry

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