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Post by phantomwolff85 » Wed 05.03.2006 9:23 pm

I played FFXI and while it was enjoyable it was just too hard to do anything meaningful without putting a lot of time into the game. If I was younger, in high school, I think I would be more apt to play the game, but in college it's just not that prefereable when you could be doing so many other exciting things.

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Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Wed 05.03.2006 10:09 pm

i am currently playing maple story (global) in Windia world. I have also played travian (awfuL) and runescape a bit, but you have to pay for good stuff, a bit like maple.:)

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Post by kanadajin » Wed 05.03.2006 10:13 pm

Since this thread is about games.. I know this isn't an MMORPG but

This game is awsome :D You get PAID to play, When you click the link Theres two boxes at the bottom of the first box where it says

"Learn more about Wealth Wars here or join now and let the fun begin!"
Click the "Join now" button :D


If you start this game, it's kinda boring.. not really that boring I find it kinda cool but if your still not interested.

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