American slang?

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Machina Maw
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American slang?

Post by Machina Maw » Thu 03.23.2006 4:00 am

I was just wondering the other day what slang Americans use.

Because I want to compare American slang to Australian slang. B)

So, if anyone's American, can you tell me some examples of slang you or people around you use? Thanks xD.

Here are some common Brisbane [my area] slang sayings (mostly used by the emo/"alternative" people):
"Oi": Very commonly said by high school kids, it can be considered rude as well, in some cases.

"Actual/actually": Hard to explain... but I guess it's used to express strong belief in something. Emphasis on the 'ac' when spoken; as in "This site is the actual best."

"I'm pretty sure...": Said before most sentences, mainly used to express your opinions ("Oi, I'm pretty sure TV is the best") but can also express fact ("Oi, I'm pretty sure the sky is blue, like actual").

There's heaps more.

But now I want to hear some American slang. =)

P.S. No one here ever says "G'day mate" unless they're joking or being an idiot. ;)

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RE: American slang?

Post by keatonatron » Thu 03.23.2006 4:05 am

We use "I'm pretty sure" a lot too.

For other slang... I don't know, I'm not there anymore. :|

Maybe if you could give some examples of situations when you'd use slang, we could tell you what we say. There's just so much... And it depends on the type of person too (gangster, hillbilly, computer nerd, etc.)

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RE: American slang?

Post by kattosan » Thu 03.23.2006 4:06 am

Those are all commonly said in America. I can't think of much America-specific slang, to be honest.

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RE: American slang?

Post by TrilinguisT » Sat 03.25.2006 3:07 pm

umm... hmm.. slangs are always changing but the newest ones i heard and the ones i still use:

bucket: an old 80s car. "that damb bucket is driving hella slow"
hella: i only hear northern californians use this word,its nothing new bit it puts alot of emphasis into the words that come after.
"wows, that was hella dumb" (that was so ridiculous/stupid) "why you hella mean for?"(why are/were you being sooo mean)
the s word (bad word for crap) is used ALOT! its very streetish..! it can mean nothing, or a tangible object. examples: "I aint got shizz to eat.." (i dont have anythingto eat) "what kind of shizz be going on in your head" (you are a mental violent person, i wonder what goes on in your head?)
"you got too much shizz in your house" (you have too many furnitures/things in your house [its it cramped and small in there])
basically, hiphop music and artists makes new slangs and it filters out to pop culture then soon everyone will know/hear it. the word "beezey" for xample -- i dont know how that word came about, but it is pretty new and is being used...
the f bomb is still used alot=i think you pretty much know what/how its used....

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RE: American slang?

Post by Infidel » Sat 03.25.2006 3:46 pm

effing - just another word to circumvent the censors.

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RE: American slang?

Post by anvil_chorus » Sat 03.25.2006 4:44 pm

aussie - Australian, yo- hey, prolly- probably,
just a few i can think of.
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RE: American slang?

Post by TrilinguisT » Sat 03.25.2006 6:07 pm

ebear215 wrote:
Gay: another form of stupid.
"this is gay." or "your gay"

Another way to say the f word.
Were is my freaking pencil?!
COOL! are you from California? i was gonna list that, but im afraid to offend ppl..
i usually just say effin for the F bomb.
oh and another slang : Fugly - effin ugly .. dude, that girl is fugly ( man, the girl is effin ugly)

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RE: American slang?

Post by kaywala » Sat 03.25.2006 7:27 pm

Well um some words that come to mind are:

Pound it like a quarter pounder (When you high 5 or slap hands)
LOL and JK (yes, like chat speak)
Delish (When something is delicious)
"That's ridiculous" (Used in any situation)

Umm...that's all that I can think of at the moment. Yup....Americans are silly...oo that's another. Any thing you say you can go "That was silly" ^_^

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RE: American slang?

Post by ku_ku_ru » Sat 03.25.2006 7:41 pm

i dont know how many americans use this but i use it all the time:

nice = used for almost...anything.
ex) "i did this and that last night" "nice"
"look at my pencil" "nice"
kind of like cool, but i use it whenever someone tells me something and i think they want me to say something about what they said, which was just a story and i have nothing at all to say...
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RE: American slang?

Post by sgtkwol » Sat 03.25.2006 7:56 pm

Sweet=cool and something fierce=to a high degree. This new video game is sweet. The tires on that car were smoking something fierce. Edit: I don't use "something fierce" but I have heard it is used in Colorado, at least.
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RE: American slang?

Post by shikamarufoo » Sat 03.25.2006 8:35 pm

I know this one site called and there are many slang words there that Americans use...

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RE: American slang?

Post by falchion » Sat 03.25.2006 9:13 pm

I think these are some American slang that alot of people say. I don't think I use these kinds of slang. Sorry if any of these offends anyone.
Ghetto slangs
Ballin' : I think refers to being a somewhat rich person.
"Hey man, you be ballin' with that cash yo." (haha)
Krunk : I have no idea. This one guy kept saying this on American Idol. Means to get drunk, in a ghetto way.
"We finna get krunk at that party!" (some people say finna here.)
Mang : At first I thought it was some word in a different language, but it's a weird version of saying "man".
"I love you, mang."
Hot Mess : something totally lame/uncool. I don't know but my friend says that... only there's a word in the middle, so they can say HAM.
"You're a hot mess so-and-so."
Tight : something is cool. / Crib : someone's home.
"That crib is tight!"
Raw : some odd slang meaning "cool"
"You've got raw skills."

Computer terms
Elite l337 (I forgot how they type it, but they use a bunch of numbers and stuff which can get annoying.)
j00 : you / 0wn3d : owned [such as in a game or something pwn3d : same as owned I guess.
"j00 got 0wn3d"
r0x0rs : somethings awesome/rocks
"That game r0x0rs!!"
They have acronyms and stuff, but I'm lazy to type that out.

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RE: WOW. I have too much time on my hands.

Post by Strawberry_Juice » Sun 03.26.2006 4:35 pm

Words that mean "cool" or "awesome":
sweet, tight, rad, neato, pimp, phat... there's loads more.

Then there's words just moshed together.
Ginormous = gigantic + enormous
Fantabulous = fantastic + fabulous
Beautimous = beautiful + gorgeous

Younger people will use "sexy" a lot for things that are good.
"YES, my grades are so sexy!"

Confusing stuff:
to bomb- to screw up
"I completely bombed the test."
A bomb- something that's bad
"His book was a bomb, sadly."
The bomb (not to be confused with a bomb)- something that's good
"These shoes are the bomb!"

Can- bathroom/toilet
"Hey, where's the can?"
Can- butt/behind/rump
"I should kick your can!"
Cans- breasts
"Check out her cans!"

Joint- bar/general hangout
"We'll meet at the joint down the street."
Joint- marijuana rolled in paper... yeah...
"Smoke a joint!"

To nuke- to heat up in the microwave
"I'll nuke some leftover pasta."
To nuke- to blow up with nuclear weapons
"Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked."

Nut/nutter- crazy/weird/insane person
"My Aunt Nillie is a complete nut!"
Nut- testical
"OW, he hit me right in the nuts!"

Pop- hit
"I'll pop you one upside the head!" (I'll hit you in the head!)
Pop/pops- grandfather, old man
"Hey pops, how are you?"

Smooth- used sarcastically, when someone's messed up.
A: "Argh, I missed the bus!"
B: "Haha, that was smooth."
Smooth talker- one who can talk their way around things
"He got the job just because he's a smooth talker."

Whiz- someone who's good at something
"He's a computer whiz."
Whiz- pee
"I need to go take a whiz..."

However, I live in Las Vegas, a place where most of the current residents weren't born. That, along with the fact that people come here every day from all over the world, doesn't really let us fall into the normal American slang. So loads of this stuff may not be "American" slang, though it is used a lot. We actually use a lot of words/phrases heard mostly in British speech...

By the way-
OI OI OI! ;)

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RE: American slang?

Post by AJBryant » Sun 03.26.2006 4:52 pm

May I humbly suggest that there's Off Topic, and then there's OFF TOPIC?

There are dozens -- if not hundreds -- of websites devoted to the study (and humor) of slang in its various forms, including "Aussie-American" and "Cockney rhyming slang-American English" varieties. You'd be better off just doing a simple Google search.


Machina Maw
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RE: American slang?

Post by Machina Maw » Thu 04.13.2006 1:19 am

AJBryant: I would've Googled it. But I think this way is a lot more fun. Hehe ^___^.


Seemingly, American slang is very similar to Australian. I blame the media :P It differs from state to state here as well, for example, a very high amount of teens from Queensland say "true" in response to any statement.

P1: "Last night I went to the movies."
P2: "Truuuuuue."
P1: "Yeah, I saw Brokeback Mountain."
P2: "Oh, true."
P1: "It was pretty good. You should see it."
P2: "Yeah, true."

We also overuse the word "gay". And "that sucks/that's sucky". My English teacher once joked that she would now be judging depth of a student's vocabulary as to whether they say "That's gay!" or "That sucks!"

And, when I was in primary school, a lot of people around me would use "gaybo" as an insult - "Don't do that, you gaybo!" etc.

Some American sayings, I just look at, and think - how weird! The only time we say "pop" is when we make fun of gangstas by saying "I'll pop a cap in yo' (insert harsher word for "butt" here)".

And (most) people here swear a lot; in casual situations that is. And it's an Aussie thing that you can say insulting things to your friends as long as you follow it with "Nah, I'm just kidding." I won't give an example. :p

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