American slang?

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RE: American slang?

Post by Infidel » Sun 12.10.2006 2:33 am

PoPo (Poe-Poe) is used for talking about police officers, often used when you sight one. Like when one passes by you when on the road driving you would saw Oh no! It's the PoPo!
Sorry, I'd call this baby talk, not slang. It's something a 2 year old would say while pointing excitedly. Look daddy, it's the popo.
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RE: Aussie vs American Slang

Post by AussieB » Sun 12.10.2006 3:07 am

Machina Maw wrote:
Here are some common Brisbane [my area] slang sayings (mostly used by the emo/"alternative" people):
"Oi": Very commonly said by high school kids, it can be considered rude as well, in some cases.

"Actual/actually": Hard to explain... but I guess it's used to express strong belief in something. Emphasis on the 'ac' when spoken; as in "This site is the actual best."

"I'm pretty sure...": Said before most sentences, mainly used to express your opinions ("Oi, I'm pretty sure TV is the best") but can also express fact ("Oi, I'm pretty sure the sky is blue, like actual").
I'm from Melbourne and originally from Adelaide and the only one of these I've ever heard is "pretty sure" and even then I'm not sure if it's in exactly the same context

quote]Machina Maw wrote:
P.S. No one here ever says "G'day mate" unless they're joking or being an idiot. ;)[/quote]

Besides the few outback bushmen/farmer types of which make up about 0.2% of the population I have nevers heard the words "G'day" and "mate" put togther, but I do often hear them separately. e.g "G'day" in place of hello, "What're you up to tonight?" , " I'm going out with my mates" (excpet that they usually subsittue my for me "me mates" .... but that all depends on the area you're from...

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