"Asia the end product of China?"

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RE: "Asia the end product of China?"

Post by keatonatron » Sun 04.23.2006 3:29 am

How "universal" a language is isn't really related to the number of people speaking it. At one point, knowing French was much more advantageous than English in the business world.

Right now, Chinese can only be used with China and a few other countries. Although they are very productive countries, they are outweighed by the rest of the world (plus, so many Chinese speak English anyway...)

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RE: "Asia the end product of China?"

Post by Shibakoen » Mon 04.24.2006 8:34 pm

Sorako wrote:
You must've had a really crappy history class
That's what I thought after I took it, too. The thing is, it was a class taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Granted, it's not exactly Harvard, but it is a widely respected University here in the States (Not just because of Michael Jordan). It's the first public university in the US and it consistently ranks highly in the various graduate and undergraduate ranking systems. That said, I was highly disappointed in that class. I just felt it should have been named something other than "Ancient World History". What IS problematic is that the survey of history we receive in high school is exactly what Sachi is talking about. Mesopotamia, Babylon, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians. Amazing considering we spend 12 years learning WRONG American history, like "Paul Revere's Ride", all the BS about George Washington and his cherry trees. I guess it's important to brainwash us about "No taxation without Representation" from an early age, but whatever.

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