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Pics thread.

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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Sukebei » Sun 04.30.2006 10:01 am

Oooooh, gotta love picture threads... It's just interesting to put a face to the names and the comments we read. Unlike my significant other, I'm not afraid to show myself off to the world...

(*currently flexing in mirror*)


lol... Anyways, here's a little view of me. These should show you the kind of person I am... ^^'


I call that one, "No one else would take a damn pic of me". ^^;



Me sitting with my future sis and bro in-law...



(*sigh*) I call that one, "Don't bet against an evil woman who enjoys torturing you".... Seriously guys, it can turn out badly. Although, I think I'd be a pretty hot woman if I tried..... ;)



hehehehe... I call that one, "Just heard that Michael Jackson is in town"... B)
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby AJBryant » Sun 04.30.2006 2:15 pm

I am officially a dirty old man. All these teenage chix are so hot. Man, I'm going to the special hell....

Anyway, here's one of yours truly. For the record, the photo is about 10 years old, but the only real difference is more grey in the beard and a bit less hair on top. (Oh, and different glasses...)


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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Sorako » Sun 04.30.2006 4:14 pm


Me going to prom :P Last night, actually. I'll have a real picture one day. ^^; My hair is normally straight as a board, and I usually have on glasses.
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby aoisatomi » Mon 05.01.2006 2:33 am

baka gaijin wrote:
Hamsterfreak4ever, be my bride. :D LOL

hmm....that sounds reminiscent of Miroku ;) only....less hentai ^^

Okay, one of my prom pics. I don't have many pics of myself. This was the best one I had and I still don't think it's any good. My mom took this photo when i was just looking over, so I didn't even have a chance to smile. (so it's not that i'm angry ^^)....i still don't like it :@

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RE: Pics thread.

Postby ShinDig » Mon 05.01.2006 11:53 am

here's my ugly mug :D Its a bit dark, but for some reason its the only one i could upload >.<

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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Hatori » Mon 05.01.2006 6:25 pm

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RE: Pics thread.

Postby hamsterfreak4evr » Mon 05.01.2006 8:36 pm

lol...of course.;)

edit: i found a picture that's not so dark!! yay lol

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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Seijiro Hiko » Mon 05.01.2006 10:11 pm

baka gaijin & Tony - lechers! :p (not that I don't share your sentiments)
Just tony- hey, just out of curiosity, where'd you get the armor at?

Here I am! (rock you like a hurricane!)
heh heh...scratch that last one (don't want ya'll to see me with a beard!)...B)

I had to take some pictures of the sword I made in metal shop for some sort of portfolio and they were the only pictures I have on the computer I could use. (I watched "Berserk" at the beggining of the year and felt very inspired:o:D)

The funny thing is that I don't even see myself that way...

Whoa! Kanadajin! I knew you weren't Yuna and you weren't but man....totally unexpected! 完全に案外でしたよ!(is that right?)
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Mukade » Tue 05.02.2006 12:03 am

Here's one of me holding my daughter. She's actually much bigger than that now.


This is her strangling my son. He's still that small.

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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Mana_Wannabe » Tue 05.02.2006 12:11 am


☆Me☆ I was trying to attempt Mana's Moi Dix Mois hair >.>;;; w Ms. Machina Maw you have beautiful eyes XD Lol Sorry, but they're pretty >.>;
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Oracle » Tue 05.02.2006 4:12 am

I'm too lazy to find pictures to post again, but I do have some online here

edit: actually found one of me. I'm on the right: http://www.flickr.com/photos/holgatepics/58397209/
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Zeo » Tue 05.02.2006 8:58 am

Ok, I guess I should join in and post pictures also. :p

Since トニさん is 侍 I wanna be..umm.. 忍者? ^^
Yeah, definetely 忍者 :D
I might post some "serious" pictures another time. ^^

These pictures are about 1 year old.
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby Christian_ » Tue 05.02.2006 7:39 pm

This thread got big, again I dont have many pics, but heres some more old ones (about 6 months old), Ill make some new ones when I get the chance.
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby coco » Tue 05.02.2006 8:28 pm

Is that you? :o :o
My imagination of you were rather closer to Uchujin-san's cute photo. :p Please do not kick me..... I bet professional photographer took those photos of you!
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RE: Pics thread.

Postby kanadajin » Tue 05.02.2006 9:06 pm

Wow.. Zeo, remind me not to pick a fight with u.. you'll jump over me :o
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