LCD Key changing keyboard

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LCD Key changing keyboard

Post by Deo » Tue 06.27.2006 7:56 pm

Anyone seen this keyboard before?

Man I've been waiting impatiently for years now! And since learning a new language boy this keyboard would really come in handy. Change the keys with a click of the mouse to a Japanese keyboard layout :o

Eh, thought maybe someone else here would be interested in this product so I posted here. Hopefully okay to post something like this in this forum section.

They predict it to come out mid-late 2006.. hopefully that timeframe is still accurate.
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RE: LCD Key changing keyboard

Post by b00st » Fri 06.30.2006 11:00 pm

Yea, what is even more better, it's open-source. There won't be any problems getting this keyboard working with every program and OS in existence. Would go nicely with my razor copperhead mouse :). I agree with switching to japanese layout, I bet it's faster to type the correct kanji using hiragana directly instead of typing out the roomaji.

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