Tabletop fan appreaciation thead

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Tabletop fan appreaciation thead

Post by hyperconjugated » Fri 07.07.2006 6:02 pm

Hello there! Is it hot in here?
I'm using LEXAX tabletop fan right now!
The buttons provide I, II and III for really
off the hook breeze experience. NNNice.
It really is nice to use computer with tabletop
fan aside it. It's almost like paradise. Anyone
here enjoying the man made breeeeeeeeeeze?
The I setting is about right now, you upgrade that
and the eyelids are getting a bit dry. Is is hot
at yer place right now? .fi is about 28 celcius right
now. Tell us your temperature! C is the best! Just
kidding, F is just as well and Reamur and absolute
is just as well!
Irgendwann fällt jede Mauer

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RE: Tabletop fan appreaciation thead

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Fri 07.07.2006 6:22 pm

Is this for real? Are you trying to sell me this fan? lol

In my home right now it's about 68 Farenheit, outside it's 75 Farenheit (Pittsburgh, PA), and I'll be leaving for Ocean City, MD in a few hours, where it's currently 72. I don't really need a fan; I have my big overhead fan if it gets too hot :)
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