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Facing your fears.

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RE: Facing your fears.

Postby rborc415 » Wed 09.06.2006 2:30 pm

My biggest fear wsa always heights (I'm 6'5", go figure!!)
I overcame that working in a television studio, and having to dangle some 30 feet above the concrete studio floor to hang lighting, and having to walk the steel grid. I guess getting paid to do it cured me, lol
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RE: Facing your fears.

Postby Tarento7386 » Thu 09.07.2006 7:10 pm

I can probably get rid of my fear of roaches, giant bonfire is another thing. :o
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RE: Facing your fears.

Postby Torunamu » Thu 09.07.2006 10:32 pm

Hmm...the only thing I'm <i>really</i> afraid of is not being myself, the human psyche is so fragile. That's without thinking about head injuries.
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