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Post by Grefink » Thu 09.14.2006 3:07 pm

hey miles i joined this thing, i posted somewhere else but i dont know if you read it. :|

Frumious Boojum
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RE: Zinzo

Post by Frumious Boojum » Thu 09.14.2006 3:13 pm

Hmm... you know, this isn't a forum for private messages.

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RE: Zinzo

Post by richvh » Thu 09.14.2006 3:14 pm

Look to your right and you'll see a link labeled "Private Messages". This sort of thing is better handled there.
Richard VanHouten

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RE: Zinzo

Post by paul_b » Thu 09.14.2006 3:22 pm

It doesn't really belong in Off Topic either but I guess that's better than General Discussion.

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