I'm Back From Disney World!

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I'm Back From Disney World!

Post by Zinzo » Mon 09.18.2006 8:11 pm

I just got back from my trip today and boy was it fun! :D One of the parks known as Epcot has a World Showcase. It's basically a big circle with a bunch of sections, and in each section is a different country. Lucky for me there is a Japan section where I bought a book on Kanji and some other Japanese goodies. Sadly I was too lazy to take any pictures myself, but my mom got a few. I'll try and post them after they're developed. I was just wondering if anyone else had been to Disney or anything. Just post a few things you did if you went. :D
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RE: I'm Back From Disney World!

Post by elXco » Mon 09.18.2006 8:20 pm

Don't even get me started on Disney world!!! :D
World showcase is my favorite too about Epcot (Maybe even Disney World itself). Did you ride Splash Mtn., Tower of Terror, and Rockin' Rollercoaster? Those are my favorite rides.
Now I wanna go to Disney World again :( (for my 8th time)
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RE: I'm Back From Disney World!

Post by Shibakoen » Mon 09.18.2006 8:22 pm

Yep. Been to the Disney Land in Fl. and the Disney Sea outside Tokyo. I thought Epcot was fun when I was a kid, but when I went back with my high school class the rides weren't as fun. I still liked the food at Germany, though. Disney Sea was fun.

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RE: I'm Back From Disney World!

Post by Frumious Boojum » Tue 09.19.2006 10:23 am

Epcot is still great... but probably the reason why the rides didn't seem as fun is because they took out all the great rides! I really miss World of Motion, Horizons, and the original Journey Into Imagination. :(

About the Japan pavilion at Epcot:
Orginally, there was going to be a Mt. Fuji ride -- in fact, World Showcase was to have a Mountain range -- Germany with their Rhine River ride (Actually, an attraction building for this is sitting there -- empty all these years, except storage), Switerland with the Matterhorn (an import/upgrade of the one at Disneyland), and Japan with Mount Fuji.

The concept for the ride was a ride on a bullet train through the scenery of Japan. And then, somewhere during the ride, there would be an attack by Godzilla. Unfortunately, that Godzilla idea got scrapped when Toho wouldn't negotiate rights to the character for theme park use. And then, the rest got scrapped because of a quarrel over film. You see, Kodak was the big film sponsor at Magic Kingdom at that point (Other companies, such as GAF, had been in their place previously), and they didn't like the sponsor of the Mt. Fuji attraction: Fuji Film. So, Kodak threatened to pull out if they went forward, everybody panics, and the entire ride gets scrapped.

Germany and Switzerland pavilions are a whole other story... Germany got VERY close to being built, as evidenced by a ride building being in place, and Switzerland didn't even make it into World Showcase in the end.

But, at least there's still a bit of Japan left. Hopefully someday, they'll put in one major ride per country as originally planned.

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