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flammable hippo
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Post by flammable hippo » Tue 11.28.2006 10:16 pm

This is another riddle site that I decided would be cool to show to you guys after Datdo introduced Weffriddles. The site is and it is pretty challenging. I'm stuck on level 6. Ok, well the first 2-3 levels are easy but it gets hard from there. So try to give it a shot. :D

ps-I forgot to mention, after about level 3 (or 4, it will be obvious) I believe all answers must be in the form of a 'username' and 'password'. Just to let you know ahead of time because when I saw it I though I had to register or something but my friend told me that was where the answers go.

Edit: Ok, after 3 most levels need a username/password answer but some don't. You just need to figure that out. I beat six...I'm stuck on 8 now though...
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Two muffins were baking in an oven. One turns to the other and says "sure is hot in here." The other replies "AH TALKING MUFFIN!"

二つのマフィンがオーブンで焼かれていた。片方のマフィンがもう一方のマフィンに向かって、"暑いね”と言った。すると、話しかけられたほうのマフィンは"アッ!喋るマフィンだ!”と驚いた。 :)

Dark Angel
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RE: Notpron

Post by Dark Angel » Thu 11.30.2006 6:09 pm

Oo, this is cool. I'm stuck on 4. This is pretty hard. :D

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RE: Notpron

Post by datdo » Tue 12.05.2006 12:36 am

everyone wants to be like datdo really....

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