Navigation bars in HTML

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RE: Navigation bars in HTML

Post by richvh » Tue 12.12.2006 8:45 pm

In IE7, the panel widths/heights all change, as well as the overall page height/width (overall page scroll bars appear) when the font size is increased. Any idea how that could be fixed?
Richard VanHouten

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RE: Navigation bars in HTML

Post by zengargoyle » Sun 12.17.2006 8:16 pm

i just came across these today. if i understand correctly, Yahoo has developed a set of CSS files that "reset" the layout of all the major browsers to a common starting point, and they have a set of grid layouts that 'so they say' handle user-font-scaling nicely. don't know if these will help with the "fixed" layout issues or not. these may be worth a look.

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