4 days left - A Message to the Future

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4 days left - A Message to the Future

Post by mamba » Thu 12.28.2006 1:04 pm

I dont think Ive seen this posted yet.

Theres a space time capsule called KEO that will be launched in 2009 or 2010, then return back to earth 50,000 years later, carrying messages from earth. You can put in your own message, 4 pages max, to the future.

So other than the messags, "KEO will also carry a diamond that encases a drop of human blood and samples of air, sea water and earth. The DNA of the human genome will be engraved on one of the faces. The satellite will also carry an astronomical clock that shows current rotation rates of several pulsars; photographs of people of all cultures; and "the contemporary Library of Alexandria", an encyclopaedic compendium of current human knowledge."

"The messages and library will be encoded in glass-made radiation-resistant DVDs. Symbolic instructions in several formats will show the future finders how to build a DVD reader, which may no longer exist 50,000 years from now."

All quoted information was taken from wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KEO
Although wiki states that the deadline was extended to 2008, I read into the actual site of the time capsule, in the FAQ it states that "The end of the messages' collection is scheduled for the end of 2006. "

"Every person living on Earth, small, weak, powerful or rich is provided with 4 pages of liberty and equality to pen down his message destined for his faraway great grandchildren.

All the messages received, without undergoing any censorship, will be embarked aboard KEO."

Make it a good one guys.

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RE: 4 days left - A Message to the Future

Post by Dehitay » Thu 12.28.2006 5:48 pm

Am I the only one tempted to add to it "Ha Ha! You're all probly dead by now!"
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RE: 4 days left - A Message to the Future

Post by Obsessed_Saru » Thu 12.28.2006 6:02 pm

That was so random...I don't even know what to say to that... :o
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RE: 4 days left - A Message to the Future

Post by Shikono » Thu 12.28.2006 10:56 pm

I wrote like a huge message for that, then I thought, this is stupid, so I didn't send it. xD

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RE: 4 days left - A Message to the Future

Post by Hatori » Fri 12.29.2006 12:10 am

this is sort of scary in a way... *gets chills of becoming OLDDDD*

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RE: 4 days left - A Message to the Future

Post by Kagemaru » Fri 12.29.2006 1:30 am

I bet the porn industry won't be affected much...

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