A new season of American Idol... why?

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RE: A new season of American Idol... why?

Post by two_heads_talking » Mon 01.22.2007 1:25 pm

Dehitay wrote:
LMFAO, people actually see that as a news show? It's really not that different from Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien (except a hell of a lot funnier). Jon is always reminding us that it's not a news program too.
he could also say it was a weather show as well, the way it's set up, the way it's delivered and the fact that it caters to a "i don't like real news" audience, just makes it even more sugar coated for the kiddies. MTV used to show music videos and now just runs lame ass reality crap, but they still call themselves Music Television. My point is that if you want to attract an audience that would like to have their news delivered to them so that it's all easy to take and totally leaning in one direction, just call it the daily news and be done with it..

Lately, I don't even see the humor in his broadcast, it's all just so much cockandbull.

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