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what's the word?

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RE: what's the word?

Postby LordOfTheFlies » Sat 01.27.2007 8:47 am

keatonatron wrote:
Or 販売機

I just found this on WWWJDIC
販売機 【はんばいき】 (n) vending machine [Ex][G][GI][S][A]
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RE: what's the word?

Postby Mike Cash » Sat 01.27.2007 10:50 am

自動販売機 or any of it's contractions/variants would have been an easy answer, if the OP had not specified he wanted to know about beverage machines.
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RE: what's the word?

Postby keatonatron » Sun 01.28.2007 3:54 am

Oyaji wrote:
In some cases, yes. However, in most cases the "juice" in these machines is Coke, Sprite, Fanta, green tea, etc. As you of course know, ironically, people rarely mean actual juice when they say ジュース.

You know, I never noticed that before, but now that I think about it it makes perfect sense. Whenever people have talked to me about buying drinks at the convenience store they have said ジュース; I just thought juice was more popular than tea or soda :| I thought it especially wierd when my girlfriend would say "コンビにに寄ってジュースを買おう?" and neither of us would buy actual juice.
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RE: what's the word?

Postby Infidel » Sun 01.28.2007 5:28 am

That's ok. When I was growing up in Texas, we called everything coke, even if it was cool aid or sprite.
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RE: what's the word?

Postby AJBryant » Sun 01.28.2007 12:03 pm

Ditto. Every soft drink to me is a coke, even though it may not be Coke. ;)

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RE: what's the word?

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 01.29.2007 12:06 pm

i grew up saying 'pop', and then after highschool i started saying soda.

come to think of it, when the Japanese would ask me if I wanted juice, they would bring out a can of coke, a can of sprite, a can of melon juice and a can of pocari sweat.
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