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Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone

Postby ShinobiAlchemist » Thu 02.15.2007 3:20 pm

Has anyone used the Rosetta Stone Japanese language software. I just want to know if it was helpful enough to pay $200 just for the first lesson
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RE: Rosetta Stone

Postby richvh » Thu 02.15.2007 3:28 pm

Search the forum for previous threads on the subject. I haven't used it, but others have said that it isn't particular useful in isolation.
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RE: Rosetta Stone

Postby tanuki » Thu 02.15.2007 3:34 pm

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RE: Rosetta Stone

Postby KINGZ » Thu 02.15.2007 3:43 pm

link to Search the search button is also just to the left of this, I just typed in Rosetta Stone Japanese and recieved 13 hits one of which is Link here ;)

aaaahh!!!!!! Tanuki you beat me too it.

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RE: Rosetta Stone

Postby Kdar » Thu 02.15.2007 4:32 pm

I use it.. Its pretty nice.

Of course it not only thing I use.. It more like extra help..
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