Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by ghosthacker » Fri 03.30.2007 11:01 pm

I have listed to her videos and find them to be ok.....

But I gotta tell ya I find it funny how a bunch of others wise normal adults can get so carried away with a kid's youtoob

Come on guys..comments like..."she rambles...", "she talks about her hair for 15 mins".... give me a break :)

She's a teenage girl for goodness sake..thats what they do :)
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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by AJBryant » Fri 03.30.2007 11:45 pm

I remember Jackie Chan saying he learned English through Country music.
Have you ever HEARD Jackie Chan speak English?



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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by Infidel » Sat 03.31.2007 12:02 am

In fairness, JC was well past puberty when he started learning English. So a strong accent would be very difficult to avoid.

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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by Kisshu » Sat 03.31.2007 12:24 am

lol.. she forgot the ga after daisuki... XD but i think i gound them rather funny... i don't think she is really trying to be a "know it all." More or less, I think she is just having fun joking around with her friend about her so called "fluency" you know? XD sounds like some of the dorky things ive done for fun.. but im a dork, so what can i say? lol
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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by hyperconjugated » Sat 03.31.2007 3:48 am

Irgendwann fällt jede Mauer

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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by lastlife » Sat 03.31.2007 2:38 pm

hyperconjugated wrote:
That was stupid.

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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by charizardpal » Wed 05.16.2007 8:43 pm

Did you ever hear that partner he was with in Rush Hour say "xian xian?" Unless the Cantonsese say it differently, seems he really messed up, even in the movie cut which was supposed to be perfect. Where were the tones?!
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RE: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson

Post by TsukimiyaAyu » Wed 05.16.2007 9:44 pm

I've seen her lessons before, she speaks pretty good. But that wasn't very intense. Also, she didn't really explain anything, she just threw some random sentences at you.
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