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learning korean

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learning korean

Postby trabia-wind » Tue 04.24.2007 11:56 pm

just wondering.. has anybody here tried to learn korean/speaks korean/is korean.. or w/e.. ? i'm making an attempt (not a very good/motivated one) to learn like i was/am with japanese. it seems a lot harder than japanese, but mainly just pronunciation wise.. xD i find it hard to tell between the ja and cha and stuff like that.

the annoying thing is that there are no korean classes or anything anywhere.. though i have a lot of korean friends, it's weird (and maybe impossible) to learn through asking native speakers random questions. they don't have the best grammatical explanations i guess.. like i remember last year when i first randomly started reading about japanese, my friend would say that は is kind of like "is", and so that's what i thought for a while. xD

well my main point is that i'm just wondering if anyone who learned/is learning korean can share their experiences with me ^^ or how it compares with japanese. idk, lots of words are similar.. like byuntae.. and yaksok
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RE: learning korean

Postby two_heads_talking » Wed 04.25.2007 10:19 am

well, considering this is TheJapanesePage you might not find many to answer this question.. who knows though maybe someone will..
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RE: learning korean

Postby gunslinger » Wed 04.25.2007 11:00 am

I don't know anyone who speaks korean i tried to once but failed.
if i were you i would keep it with the good ol japanese. Gambare!!!!
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