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Post by yohance » Sat 05.19.2007 3:44 pm

Anyone in here ever thought about the process of learning? Well it fascinates me. the human ability to take data and process information and store and apply it. sometimes when i think about how learning takes place (i mean me learning personally, and not deeper issues into the subject because i am not learned in the field) i say wow.
It amazes me also how the sleep process aid in helping to convert short term to long term and i sometimes think how can i facilitate all the different learning styles and even help myself to learn stuff faster ( the lord jesus knows that i am hard headed).
anyone studies this kinda stuff inside of here?
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RE: Learning

Post by SirFirestorm » Sat 05.19.2007 4:51 pm

I think you are talking about neuroscience? Learning is part of the human brain functions controlled by parts of the brain like the limbic system. It controls memory, emotions, motivation, and some other things like that.

REM sleep has an effect on memory, but the types of memories affected by REM and NREM sleep vary, there are probably some wiki articles about it.

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RE: Learning

Post by trabia-wind » Sat 05.19.2007 7:10 pm

idk about this. but i like learning.. it's just interesting to find out all the stuff around you that you never knew. and maybe learning about learning is just as interesting. ^^

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