Nebuta Festival in Los Angeles

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Nebuta Festival in Los Angeles

Post by coco » Thu 08.16.2007 9:27 pm

ねぶた/ねぷた祭り is one of the famous festivals in Japan. 

The Nebuta festival will be held on next Sunday,19th, in Little Tokyo.
You can see the Nebuta float of Takeda Shingen,designed as the battle of Kawanakajima(上杉謙信vs 武田信玄).

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RE: Nebuta Festival in Los Angeles

Post by a_iwai » Fri 08.17.2007 11:59 am

Oh! I have seen the Nebata festival in my childhood actually. I remember the beautiful Nebuta-floats. And I remember that the many Haneto aggressively hopping around the Nebuta-floats had given me strong impression.

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