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RE: Relationships

Post by StarvingMusician » Sat 09.29.2007 4:16 am

two_heads_talking wrote:

could be that "love" might have been infatuation and without the ability to "communicate" or to "show" it more fully, I am not talking specifically of sex either, feelings will degrade. Ever wonder why the 7 year itch is such a hurdle for most marriages? People get into a rut, and never give time to each other. I don't care how caring a person you are, if you don't see each other over time, other things become more important.

Look and see what attracted the two of you in the first place. Do you still have those feelings? does your significant other? if not, it's time to move on. If so, take some time out to reaquaint yourselves by going on a date.

I know with my wife and I, we try to have a weekly date where just the two of us can get together, talk and discuss things without having the "daily" interruptions and "catastrophes" that tend to happen. one on one time is important, if even just to tell each other how much you appreciate the other. conversation and communication or the lack thereof will determine where a relationship will go.
Oh, you hit it right on the money two heads talking. Yeah, those strong feelings I felt were strong senses of infatuation, being mixed up with love. But my girl and I have spent more time together, even though it's against the will of her parents. I'm taking your advice, remembering all the things I liked about her from the start. And I know we need more communication, I'm working on that. The very thought of moving on however is frightening in itself. "Who else will love me?! I'm damaged goods!" haha..v.v I'm going to keep riding this train though, even if the conductor is a blind man. I believe that you and your wife two heads talking, have a fruitful relationship. Thank you for the wisdom. I commend you and admire the closeness you and your significant other have. :D
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RE: Relationships

Post by Dehitay » Sat 09.29.2007 11:16 am

prep_girl_Nessa wrote:
Do you equate being in love as being similar to being shot or naming the 50 states? Then you clearly, no matter what your age, still don't understand.

I hope I don't sound condescending. Like I said, I don't really understand love either. :p
Love is an incredibly simple concept to understand. What people usually don't understand is the compromise, heartbreak, and inconvenience that can come from it.
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