My hair - should I dye it?

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RE: My hair - should I dye it?

Post by Kisshu » Sat 11.10.2007 10:44 pm

If you do wild colors, be CAREFUL. Most people's crazy colors look terrible. Like they're a geek and wanted to stand out. However, if it is done right, it looks cool. For me, I think streaks verses solids. Looks mro professional ^-^
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RE: My hair - should I dye it?

Post by kitamichibi » Wed 11.14.2007 9:24 am

Well, I had mousy brown hair with really light,almost 'golden blonde',ends and I had been angsting about it for a while until my stylishly challenged brother gave his opinion that I should dye it black and I actually listened to him, kind of, and dyed some sections of it solid black and that got me some great responses..., so, experiment with temporary colors before swinging permanent...(Mine's permanent by the way, but it looks great, so no complaints..) :D
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RE: My hair - should I dye it?

Post by animenerd13 » Wed 11.14.2007 10:25 am

Also, if you, yourself or a friend and not a professional, dyes your hair make sure you get good dye. I went to dye my hair a cherry red and it came out hot pink. Though I didn't mind, it still wasn't the intended color. So watch out for that.
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RE: My hair - should I dye it?

Post by guitarplayer7694 » Mon 11.19.2007 11:10 pm

how bout this ... uxhawk.jpg except you go green or blue in the middle

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RE: My hair - should I dye it?

Post by luky » Wed 11.21.2007 12:27 am


you'll be at least 6 trend cycles ahead.

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