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RE: music.

Post by kanadajin » Sun 11.25.2007 8:00 pm

R&B, Rap(that actually has meaning), some rock/punk, classical(beethoven, mozart).

Theres not so many great artists today and its getting worse :|
Like Jdiggz? Im sorry if anyone likes him.
In my opinion he has got to be the WORST rapper in the world.
How he became famous is beyong my knowledge.
50 cent = crap.. Im not saying I hate ALL of their songs, some of them may be catchy but thats most likely why everyone presently dislikes rap.
But what can yah do?
Dispite all of the negativity towards rap there ARE good artists out there, like Nas, Common... Thats pretty much all I can think of :D

But whatever music is music, I like anything that is good.

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RE: music.

Post by manasamacurry » Sun 11.25.2007 10:21 pm

Wow, I'm suprised the only visual kei bands that have been mentioned were Gazette and Miyavi (and Dir en Grey if you count that). I wonder if the fact that they're both part of PSC has somthing to do with it. After reading all the posts, I think you'd like X Japan. It's one of my favorites. You might also want to check out Malice Mizer and Deadman too.

To the Miyavi fans, if you haven't already check out SKIN. Yoshiki wants it to be the first Japanese band to be at the top of the world charts. Sugizo, Gackt, and Yoshiki are in it in addition to Miyavi.
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RE: music.

Post by Hijiku » Wed 11.28.2007 12:30 pm

Industrial, J-pop, Underground(house).
Bands: DragonForce, Metallica(old), Rammstine, Daft Punk, DJSnowMan. those are just some.
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RE: music.

Post by Kurasho » Sun 12.16.2007 4:11 am

guitarplayer7694 wrote:
anybody care to share their favorite style of music (any language),and band ill start i like the classic rock such as Guns n' roses, Bonn jovi, vapors, black sabbath, you get the idea. quite interested to see the results. :)
Alternative Rock is my favourite, bands like The Rasmus , Evanescence , Linkin Park...etc

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