weird words

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weird words

Post by katafei » Thu 11.29.2007 7:42 pm

Well, I couldn't resist starting a thread like this ^_^
What word is the weirdest you've learned?

When I first learned お弁当 I thought that was a pretty strange word to be in a text book. What do I need that word for?

Of course now that I'm watching a lot of Japanese movies, I learned box lunches actually seem to play quite an important part in daily life of Japan. And they sure look more interesting then the wrapped sandwiches I bring for noon!

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RE: weird words

Post by chikara » Thu 11.29.2007 7:54 pm

弁当 is "weird"?

Not sure what you mean by "weird". Do you mean because the kanji are ateji and therefore have no relevance to the actual meaning of the word べんとう?

弁当 are also sold in railway stations (among other places) and they are a great meal to take on a train trip.
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