questions about the grammar used in ホルン

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questions about the grammar used in ホルン

Post by richvh » Mon 04.17.2006 11:36 am

Well, someone has to break in the new forum. Let's use this thread for any questions you may have about the grammar in ホルン. I've been telling people in the chat that でなくてはならかった in the second paragraph is from である/です, which seems correct from context, but I suppose it might be from 出る. Is my original assumption correct?
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Richard VanHouten

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RE: ホルン grammar

Post by j-t » Mon 04.17.2006 1:44 pm

The sentence is "なぜそれはホルンでなくてはならなかったのか?", correct?
If that's the case, then it acts as the past tense to "have to be"
"Why did it have to be a horn?"

When ~nakutewa naranai adds in front of a Noun, it follows a "de"
You have to be a student to enter this school -> ”学校に入るのには学生でなくてはなりません”
Rich先生 your original assumption is correct.
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RE: questions about the grammar used in ホルン

Post by keith712 » Thu 04.20.2006 7:20 pm

here's what I have so far:

shall we (つくっける) to this thread for later?


Thanks, Keith

p.s. should this post be in a vocabulary thread?

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RE: questions about the grammar used in ホルン

Post by coco » Thu 04.20.2006 9:08 pm

i'm so sorry. it was my typo. *red*
My bad!!
くっつける is correct.
so please do not call me with 先生. ;)
Thank you.
and in this context, "Shall I〜?" ( not "shall we〜?")
くっつけておきましょうか → shall I〜?
くっつけることにしましょうか? → shall we 〜?
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