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東方 Project

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東方 Project

Postby Brooklyn » Sat 07.28.2012 11:24 pm

I've looked for Touhou subjects, but found nothing. Is there players of Zun's creations here ? Which one for exemple ?
Personally I've played the one and the six, but I'm not so good at Shoot'em up games so I never finished a game. :sweatdrop:
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Re: 東方 Project

Postby quackingduck » Sun 10.12.2014 9:56 am

Hello friend!

I've liked 東方Project since earlier this year, but I became attached to it ;;w;;

I've played PCB, MoF, SWR, SA, UFO, TD, HM, DDC but alas, never finished them.

My favorite character is Koishi Komeiji uwu How about you?
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