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Nexus Lord
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Post by Nexus Lord » Mon 09.29.2008 5:27 pm

i was just wondering if anyone here plays ffxi? and if so whether they know how to use the in-game ime on the non japanese versions, if not i could show you.

if you do play, im on Cerberus, my characters name is 'Balinor' feel free to /t me in game

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Re: ffxi

Post by squarezebra » Sat 05.02.2009 3:39 pm

tell me tell me tell me, but do you have to use windower?
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Re: ffxi

Post by Swordman » Tue 05.26.2009 11:21 pm

Swordman from Hades here! (If the name didn't give it away :p.)
Working with Genki... alone ,_,;

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Re: ffxi

Post by .Jingoo » Wed 07.08.2009 4:21 pm

Jaemoo the Red Mage Mithra from the Carnbucle Server reppin' up here. <3
Well, I was on the Trial. When I get the full game, continuing RDM Mithra but I might join Siren. (Not for their conquest score... :lol: )
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