Just Bought "Boku no natsuyasumi 3

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Just Bought "Boku no natsuyasumi 3

Post by Flik » Sun 11.30.2008 1:05 am

Since the PS3 selection is very limited right now (not a FPS person), I decided to try importing some games. While searching online, I ran across one called "Boku no Natsuyasumi 3." From what I've seen, it seems very similar to Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. I went on Ebay and managed to snag a copy for $23 (beats the outrageous import prices). Anyway, has anyone played this game? Would you predict that I'm in for a good time?

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Re: Just Bought "Boku no natsuyasumi 3

Post by Athefre » Wed 12.03.2008 5:38 pm

Looks like a wonderful little game, after seeing videos for it, I think you would enjoy it if you like Harvest Moon.

One game I've been wanting to import is Cross Edge, check out some videos for that (if you're into RPGs).

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