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Re: Japanese-language gaming for learners

Post by micahcowan » Thu 06.30.2011 1:40 pm

I agree, all of those FF7 images you posted are highly readable. But there have been a few cases with some really complex characters that look like little more than blocks. I can't think where they were, but they were definitely after the beginning parts you displayed there (still close to the beginning though, I haven't gotten far).

The 3DS is a significantly higher-resolution display (if not than the PSP, then certainly higher than the PSX graphics being emulated), so I doubt there'll be any characters so complex I can't read them (and since there's furigana for everything, it wouldn't much matter if there were).

Contrastingly, even the kana characters can get a bit hard to read in the Virtual Console GameboyCOLOR ゼルダの伝説: 夢を見る島 game ("Link's Awakening"). Mostly the ぬ character gives me pause (at least, til I got used to it). The little curl on the right doesn't look like anything so much as a jumble of pixels; I just assumed it was ぬ because it seems that め wouldn't have that problem (and because ぬ usually fits the context where I see that). OTOH, it's much easier to deal with barely-legible kana than it is to deal with barely-legible kanji.

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Re: Japanese-language gaming for learners

Post by Kane » Mon 02.20.2012 4:43 pm

Visual novels are pretty good for learning because complicated or lesser known Kanji tend to have Furigana anyway. Some examples are the Hayarigami series and some of the Type-Moon novels to name a few. Hayarigami is pretty good. Too bad it's a trilogy of 3 games, two of which were ported to the DS. The third was released on the PSP.

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Re: Japanese-language gaming for learners

Post by phuongconut » Tue 11.06.2012 2:50 am

this is the one you can use to learning japanese
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minna-j ... ?ls=1&mt=8

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Re: I recommend 有罪無罪 for the DS

Post by Kane » Thu 11.22.2012 9:19 pm

nanikore wrote:It's a great game for people who have a good grasp of the language.
In terms of difficulty it's JLPT2 level.

Basically the game is pretty much just reading, like an interactive book.

Japan has recently adopted the jury system, and you take the role of a jury member- attending court, examining evidence, questioning people, and discussing the case with the rest of the jury and court officials etc.

In terms of learning Japanese it's great- it exposes you to a wide range of Japanese words- from technical legal and scientific terms to gyaru slang, and also the different ways of speaking of each character.

Also, because there's so much reading, it turbo charges your reading ability- perfect for an upcoming Japanese test (i.e. JLPT 1 or 2), where being able to read and understand quickly is paramount.

There are 4 cases, unlocked sequentially, and they finish when you and the jury decide on a sentence. However, you need to find out the whole truth to each case to get 100% and "complete" the case.

It's very challenging, and manages to include a lot of humour whilst being realistic.

Unrelated, but "My Japanese Coach" is in violation of the trades descriptions act- I wasted my money on it a few years ago and I seem to remember the game claimed to have like 100 lessons or something, when actually most of the "lessons" are just games.
That's the Simple DS Series Vol. 48 game right? That's one I may give a try on there. Trying to increase my reading comprehension anyway.

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