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PSP question

Post by ashitaka » Wed 12.13.2006 12:55 am

Well I just got a psp and i have a small question.
Can I use just any headset for online play or do i have to get the PSP headset.
It has taken me a hell of a long time to time this (useing the psp).

Thanks in advance :D

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RE: PSP question

Post by Xenomorph » Sat 12.23.2006 5:25 pm

If you want to speak in the games you'll need something specific, such as the one that's included with SOCOM. If you mean just for listening to what's going on, than any earphones will do.

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RE: PSP question

Post by kanadajin » Wed 01.03.2007 11:11 am

Im sure any headphones would work...
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RE: PSP question

Post by Puchiko_nyu » Fri 02.16.2007 5:16 pm

I think it should, but I recently gave my psp to a friend (I became a nintendo fangirl.)

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