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Postby Kisshu » Mon 03.03.2008 1:37 pm

Well, it wouldn't let me post this in the culture forum, so I thought this was my second best bet... since I did see it on a drama.

Now, I'm wondering if this is a common thing to do in Japan. In the drama Liar Game, they were tallying points... instead of using the American tally system of IIII and then crosing them out for 5, they were using the kanji 正 to tally five points. Is this a common thing to do? I dunno, I just thought it was kinda interesting.
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Re: 正しい

Postby atreya » Mon 03.03.2008 1:45 pm

Well, they do the same thing in School Rumble anime for counting the number of votes. So I suppose it is the alternate system that they use. And its kinda nice since the stroke count is five. ^_^
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Re: 正しい

Postby AJBryant » Mon 03.03.2008 3:29 pm

That *is* the "count to five" thing they do.

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Re: 正しい

Postby japanfreak » Tue 03.25.2008 5:17 am

Yeah, my teachers do that all the time.
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