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Postby Takoyaki » Sat 05.31.2008 7:34 am

I really like Yano Maki's music, but I was wondering why she seems to occasionally pronounce her words differently than other Japanese artists I know. She seems to make n's sound like m's a lot and k's sound like g's. For example: この空の下のここに私は居るのに sounds like こ空の下のこごみ私は居るのに when she sings it. I don't have this trouble with any of my other artists, except for the ending theme song for Outlaw star where the n's sound like m's sometimes.

I read she was born in Tokyo, so I wonder if this is a sort of dialectal pronunciation from there?

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
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Re: 矢野真紀

Postby kanadajin » Sun 06.29.2008 6:20 pm

I really wouldn't know. But maybe that's just the way she sings.

Even many North-American and I'm assuming some other artists from other countries do the same. R&B singers tend to change words to make them rhyme with the next. Same with rap, I've heard it in rock and other genres.

For example, Kanye west: Good Morning
He says something like "Good mornian, look at the valedictorian"

Perhaps I'm wrong and I wouldn't doubt it if I was. But that's just my guess, considering I've never heard of this artist in the first place. Maybe she just talks like that, it could be a lisp of some sort, or maybe you're right and it's because of where she originated from.
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