Attention verizon Fios users!

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Attention verizon Fios users!

Post by mikesmaster » Tue 03.15.2011 3:16 pm

I'm not sure if anyone noticed this yet, but TVJ is apparently free for now because of the disasters in Japan. I just found out when flipping through channels.

Channel 1770

I plan on keeping this on my television for as long as it is free. ^_^ For anyone who ever thought of subscribing for the channel, now may be a good time to check it out.

Hope this helps anyone who didn't notice! I wish I knew about this sooner!


(And hopefully I put this in the right place...)

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Re: Attention verizon Fios users!

Post by Hektor6766 » Tue 03.15.2011 9:19 pm

TVJapan is also on Time Warner Cable ch 859 (may vary by region), free until 3/17.

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