I am trying to find a Japanese movie.

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I am trying to find a Japanese movie.

Post by Supeingo » Sat 08.02.2014 7:10 pm

Hello everybody:

A few years ago I started to watch Japanese movies and there is one I watched whose name I cannot remember. I tried to search by keywords on Google; saw Japanese movie lists according to the year I watched it and the year the movie was likley to be shot... But nothing came up. For this reason, I thought asking in a forum such like this could help me out.

I watched this movie in 2011, and I believe we are talking about a movie that was likely to be shot in this century, basically because I am pretty sure every movie I watched back then came out from searches like "best modern Japanese movies", "best 20XX Japanese movies", etcetera. Besides that, I remember it was about a girl who was insane or something like that (maybe schizophrenia) and lived with her grandmother. I also presume it was a romance. However, the only scene I remember is one where the girl forgets an apple she bought in the grocery store, and the shopkeeper brings her the apple back (this happens near a bridge). Furthermore, there might have been a couple of scenes that took place in parks.

I hope someone recognizes this movie by the few information I provided below. Thank you very much for your attention and apologies if I have made any grammar mistake (I'm Spanish).


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