Help identifying movies of 1960's

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Help identifying movies of 1960's

Post by harialim » Mon 05.04.2015 3:15 am

Hi all,

I am new member, and very glad able to join this group.

I do hope I am able to find help identifying this movie in this group.

That was a movie i saw about 52 years ago, when i was small.

it was a japanese movie of 2 parts, possibly made earlier 60's or end 50's. It was a movie of Japanese past, but i can not recall whether it was based on history or legend.

It was opened with the scene of war, and one of the flag of defeated one soaked in the river. One other distinctive character from this movie what was called son of the god of wind, a boy who can run very very fast, and becoming the messenger.

It was part one and part two, sadly i saw part one and miss part two.

And now I really want to see again this movie of my chidhood.

Is there any one who can identify what is the title of this movie ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Harry Alim

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Re: Help identifying movies of 1960's

Post by hitashuzi » Fri 06.03.2016 3:42 am

here, i found more old japan movie for you! :D ... 4Qc_BZ0ZPn

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