Name this movie: suicidal weird girl walks on railroads

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Name this movie: suicidal weird girl walks on railroads

Post by alienneko » Thu 07.16.2015 7:44 am

Hi everyone, this is my last resort. I have been searching for this movie for years. Several years ago I rented a movie from Tsutaya (the big branch in Shinjuku) about a weird gothic/alternative girl who walks on rail roads and lives in a derelict/abandoned building which she decorates with her art instalments. She meets a guy and they have a strange romance. I have attached a scribble I did of what I remember of the DVD cover. It was a live action movie, but I believe it was in the animation section under staff recommendations (no idea why it was there, but it might have been made by an animation production company).

I really want to watch this movie again, it was one of those bizarre movies that leave an impression on you. If anyone could help me find the name of the movie, I would be extremely grateful!
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