Need help regarding a vague film...

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Need help regarding a vague film...

Post by predbites » Sun 11.22.2015 4:21 pm

Hey all,

I know that this is a really long shot but I am trying to find out the information regarding a film I watched in Japan. I was staying in Kyoto about a year ago (a long time, I know) and I saw a cop film with an all Asian cast. I don't understand Japanese so I have no idea what was going on but the lead was a man who played a "grumpy" cop and even though he played it serious, the film was a comedy. At one point he went to a crime scene and there were hundreds of different cops there running around, taking notes and he could barley move around because of the amount of people.

I know that this is very vague and I doubt anyone can help but.....any ideas?

Thank you,

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