Battle Royale

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RE: Battle Royale

Post by Matsumoto_hideto » Thu 01.04.2007 2:10 am

RanRane wrote:
But my friend who is fluent in Japanese has always said the acting was only mediocre. It did seem a bit odd at times I must admit.
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RE: Battle Royale

Post by kazuya014 » Sun 02.25.2007 12:20 pm

BR movie is great... not Kiriyama going on a killing spree is not really shown unlike the manga. :D

they should have included that scene in the manga where Mitsuko seduced Kiriyama but ended up getting killed.

haven't read the novel yet... i wish they would sell it here... but i doubt it.

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RE: Battle Royale

Post by SirFirestorm » Mon 02.26.2007 12:53 am

The movies were more watered down than the gore level in the manga if you can imagine that. I personally didnt like the movie, although the story was pretty good, the way it came out was bleh. The manga is interesting in its own way, i think id stick with the novel though.

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