Ninja Warrior!

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Kudo Masaki
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Re: Ninja Warrior!

Post by Kudo Masaki » Sun 03.16.2008 11:30 am

That show is awesome! I also watch Unbeatable Banzuke too. 8)

My favorite person from NW would be Makoto Nagano, hes just great. :D

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Re: Ninja Warrior!

Post by kaien5576 » Sun 03.16.2008 7:40 pm

is there even a question, Rie Komiya without a doubt is the best contestant. :D

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Re: Ninja Warrior!

Post by suwabara63 » Mon 03.24.2008 1:59 pm

My favorite all-star is Nagasaki Shunsuke-san. He has amazing trampoline skills.

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Re: Ninja Warrior!

Post by mandelak » Thu 03.27.2008 12:16 am

it is an awesome show. lol its funny when the people stack. the jumping spider part is killer. i'd love to try it for fun.

is there gonna be a 2008 version of sasuke

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