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Post by Kisshu » Thu 03.22.2007 4:09 pm

Ok. I am curious to know who everyone thinks are the top five most gorgeous (famous) Asians they know. I think this is the correct forum since they will most likely be actors or singers.

My Top Five Males of the Moment (subject to change and not in any specific order)

1. Jun Matsumoto (HANA YORI DANGO, YEAH!)
2. Ryo Nishikido
3. Ken Miyake
4. Gackt (so what if there are disturbed pictures of him.. his hair is gorgeous!)
5. Teppei Koike (Omgosh.. his hair.. in gokusen...... was AMAZING. I think that he and Jun are the best of the five)

My Top Five Females of the moment (not that I am attracted to them, but I wish I looked like them!)

1. Mao Inoue (so cute and such a good actor!)
2. Erika Sawajiri
3. Ueto Aya
4. Youko Ishida
5. Nana Kitade (her clothes.. i want to wear them... O_O)
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