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Black Angel

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Black Angel

Postby Hatori » Sun 05.13.2007 9:47 pm

Hello! I missed all of my tjp friends here! School has been KILLING me with work and such, so I decided to post about something I bought just recently and I need to drop by occasionally before school ends and I'm free! ^^

Anyways, I went to Best Buy earlier today and I saw this AWESOME DEAL! There was this boxset of three Japanese films and I was wondering what you think about them if you've viewed them.
I got Black Angel 1 and 2 and this movie called Pistol Opera. I was watching some of Black Angel 1, the first 10 minutes, and I was like,"WTF?! Am I watching PORN or a little too BLOODY action movie!!"
I need to watch these movies when nobody's home or when it's super late at night. O_O lol... But I just wanted to hear you'd have to say. I've been getting into actually buying Japanese films rather than anime nowadays; and I want to concentrate more on Japanese because I feel like I'm getting out of anime and manga. I mean, I still like it, but I need to get serious and get cracking on my learning books I've bought.

Thanks for reading. ^^ I'll try to return soon! :D
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