Meteor Garden

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Meteor Garden

Post by katafei » Wed 07.11.2007 2:35 pm

I keep running into this series whenever I browse e-bay, and it's starting to fascinate me.

Has anyone here seen this series?
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RE: Meteor Garden

Post by UtsusuAssassin » Wed 07.11.2007 2:37 pm

It seems like a pretty popular series to me also. I sometimes run into it periodically too O_o even in conversation outside of the internet. From what I remember I think its a chinese drama...might be wrong though and be mistaken.
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RE: Meteor Garden

Post by ruisu81 » Wed 07.11.2007 3:44 pm

Not that I know about this stuff Image but...Meteor Garden I & II are popular Chinese TV drama's. They're based off a manga called 花より男子(Hana Yori Dango). Later, there was a Japanese TV dorama version with the original name. I think that made two seasons as well. I tried watching the Japanese version...but I didn't like it. I think I'm the only one though, because it seemed to be one of the more popular doramas in the fansub scene for a long while. I think it still is...yeah, I just checked and the thread for Season 2 is over 500 pages long on d-addicts. Season 1 is over 100 pages...maybe it's worth looking in to. Image
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