baseball on Utube

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baseball on Utube

Post by katafei » Mon 07.16.2007 3:48 pm

Well, this is probably old news to many, but anyway.
I've just been uploading a video on youtube for the first time, and while waiting for it to be processed, I found all these other video's.
Including Japanese baseball, great fun.
Hope this link works.


Also: I remember a friend of me telling me about watching Japanese tv on the internet.
Since I didn't have a pc with sound, I never bothered to find it.
But now that I do have sound (!!!): does anyone have links to useful sites?
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RE: baseball on Utube

Post by jenl » Mon 07.16.2007 4:50 pm

If you have a fast internet connection, there are some Japanese channels linked from here:

They seem to be mostly news and music - I've tried some of these before and I think my connection doesn't like most of them. There's one sport channel on that second link, though.

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