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Mark all read and RSS feed.

Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?

Mark all read and RSS feed.

Postby Wakannai » Wed 03.05.2008 1:20 pm

Since we are in our honeymoon stage, learning what this person we got stuck with is REALLY like, I just thought I'd put in a request for a mark all posts read option.

I've noticed that if a post isn't interesting enough to read, it still marks a forum as "new posts" when I come back later. A nice "catch up" feature would be great.

Same with RSS feed for the forums.

I know enhancements come behind functionality, but I thought I'd get the word in early.
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Re: Mark all read and RSS feed.

Postby clay » Wed 03.05.2008 1:55 pm

Good idea. I am not sure if phpBB has that kind of option up front, but I'm sure it can be hacked.

But I'm sure I will forget about this dealing with the 'functionality' part. Please remind me after the dust settles.
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