Consider removing recent blog posts coumn.

Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?
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Consider removing recent blog posts coumn.

Post by Konstantin » Sun 03.23.2008 7:05 am

I have a suggestion to completely remove the "recent blog posts" column from the default layout. I think this column may, actually, prevent people blogging. It is hard to explain, but ... when blogging is not active and massive, if someone makes 2-3 entries per week, this person will occupy a large portion of the column. As the result, I would feel uncomfortable to blog more, because it may not look modest. Just a thing to consider.

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Re: Consider removing recent blog posts coumn.

Post by clayb » Sun 03.23.2008 8:34 am

That makes sense, but for some people the opposite may happen where they are encouraged to write since they see their blog linked.

How about a compromise. I'll move it to the bottom of the column where it won't be seen as much. Then if people start using it more, I'll move it back up :P

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