New Image Gallery is Possible?

Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?
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New Image Gallery is Possible?

Post by Konstantin » Tue 03.25.2008 8:35 am

If there is interest, I can upload a small picture set (about 10-15 images) that I made during my visit to Toyama, fall 2007. Pictures are highres at the moment, but I can edit them to be of the required size and format. I also noticed that Create Content->Image does not allow to make a new gallery, but only to upload to the existing one. Alternatively, I can send my images to an admin for approval and upload.


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Re: New Image Gallery is Possible?

Post by clayb » Tue 03.25.2008 8:41 am

Yes, it is on my list to figure out. It appears (as is) the only way to let everyone create a gallery (which is what I'd like) is to also give them admin rights (which means they can delete other people's pics) and I don't want that.

I'll try to figure out something today and let you know. If I can't figure something out quickly, I'll set up a gallery just for you (and for any other people requesting one).

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