Preventing Necreoposting?

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Re: Preventing Necreoposting?

Post by AJBryant » Wed 09.24.2008 11:43 am

NocturnalOcean wrote:And there is one thing I have found a bit ironic. Some people really hate the necroposting, but at the same time advocates that people need to use search function to see whether what you are going to post is already on the forum or not..
Unrelated concepts.

That response comes up when someone asks a question that has been asked and answered already. Getting the answer does not NEED a necropost.

A necropost is some idiot coming along and answering a question, or making a comment about, an ancient post that has long since been asked, answered, and dealt with.

Where necroposting *is* fine is when the thread is something like "what is your favorite ----" or something like that, where it actually *is* new and relevant content. Where necroposting is *wrong* for that kind of thing is "what are good things to do in Shinjuku? I'm going to Japan..." and six months later someone suggests something. Pointless.

How hard is this to grasp, really? ;)


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