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Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?
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Re: Browser Based Chat

Post by phreadom » Sun 01.04.2009 11:51 pm

katafei wrote:Okay, You've had plenty of time to, get off your butt and...

:twisted: just kidding :mrgreen:
(I hope you are feeling better again)

How is the chat reformation coming along?
haha... I'm back to working on it tonight. (honestly) :)

I just had a long talk with SS about it that I'm going to copy/paste into the other thread that linked to this one. Hopefully that will clarify to people what's going on. :)

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Re: Browser Based Chat

Post by clay » Mon 01.05.2009 10:34 am


I know if we can get the browser based chat a-working, I will spend a lot more time on it. I move from three or four different computers whether at work or play and it I only have Pandion installed on my laptop. :roll: Japanese language learning materials
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