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Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?
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Schedule Chatroom

Post by ss » Tue 02.24.2009 10:16 pm

larcen1997 wrote:
phreadom wrote:
I think soon we will start scheduling more classes in the chatrooms.

We have the webchat setup now to make it easier for people to join and participate. We have logging setup so that the lessons can be referred back to later. We have a few people interested who have the Genki1 books etc.

I'm personally on page 90 or so and have the main textbook (white cover), workbook (red cover), and answer book (light blue cover). :) ... m_Schedule

We'll add the "official" chat schedules there, but you're always free to pop in and see if someone is in the Genki room. SS comes in there most days and is very helpful. :) I'm usually busy working on the site etc, but if we get a class scheduled, or I have some free time, I'll participate too. I'm just a newbie myself though, not a teacher. :)

Hope this helps. :) Let me know if you have any problems getting on the chat etc.
Thanks. I have been in the chat room a few times in the last few days, sadly no one was there. I will have to check later at night. Maybe keep it up in the background while I Am working on building my website. Thank you for the links!

You know what, I have the book and the workbook, but I dont have the answer key. I didnt realize there was one. *sigh* another book to order...

Sometimes when I went into the lounge chat, I saw Beckiさん、Chiyonさん、Mystiqueさん、and even Clayさん.
The room is not meant for leisure chat solely, you can always ask questions pertaining to Nihongo if there's a need to. You might want to interact with them in Japanese, and ask for corrections, too. As far as I know, they are very helpful and cheerful people who are willing to help you with your Japanese.

As for Genki room, I'm not at all good at explaining, neither I am there to teach. I'm just glad to share some exercises we did in class and being corrected by sensei. More advance questions, I would suggest to post them in Genki sub-forum. So, whenever I have about 30 mins free time, I'll join in the chat room. Partly, also because Phreadomさん and myself would like to work on the Genki workbooks, together with Mataziさん。 But I'm busy with the fiscal year end auditing at the moment.

We hardly see Coco san and Rich san these days. They used to be very active and helpful in the past.

Also, bear in mind that we live in different time zones, so scheduling chat session can be a big headache. I hope some other advanced members can help you as well. Good luck in your studies.

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Re: Schedule Chatroom

Post by Stone_Cold » Wed 03.18.2009 9:31 am

I suggest switching from Eastern Time (United States & Canada) to Central Time (United States & Canada) (Ex. Switch from 12:00pm Eastern Time (United States & Canada) to 12:00pm Central Time (United States & Canada)). This would help balance things out. I’m sorry to those who aren’t in these time zones. ^?^ :-P
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